Tongkat Ali Side Effects

Tongkat Ali is one of the leading natural herbs that is known to have the ability of combating sexual dysfunction. The herb can be tongkat ali side effectsused by body builders to enhance their health .However, some minor side effects associated with the use of this herb have been noted .But they are so mild that their effect is almost negligible as compared to their advantages. Despite this, it’s our responsibility to bring you some of these side effects because this is the information that you need to know before purchasing the herb. Some of them are highlighted in this article and it’s important to know them.

1. Increased level of aggression


Remember, or imagine, that worst day when you woke up late. Coincidentally, you had a meeting, to be precise, a Job Presentation…  You then get stuck in a ‘Satan-sent’ long traffic jam and because no one really knows how bad your day is, a driver cuts in front of you and your perfect reaction skills spare you the superlative for the worst day. Though mild, the Tongkat Ali has been reported to make you have aggression of the same level as the one above, but no serious cases have been reported as the effect of this side effect. So, worry-less it’s just a mild one.

2. Restlessness


Both Government and Non-Governmental Organisations have spent a lot of time and money for the awareness on effects of drug abuse. So, I’ll assume you know the effects. Tongkat Ali as a drug, also, shouldn’t be taken on high doses if you are not in the position to take up the reaction of the drug from your action (over-dosing) or ELSE  you can only guess of a disadvantaged position Tongkat Ali , as a user, might put you in.

3. Sexual anxiety


Every normal earthling appreciates the natural ability to possess sexual desire. The confidence and high- esteem combo which leaves you no option but to mate. The boob-side, cleavage, physique, character and sometimes extending to reasons such as love is blind, sexual desire has camouflaged as such reasons but the reality is this is all sexual desire. Tongkat Ali as one of the answers to your dysfunction or any other reason increases your sexual desire to even exaggerated levels but not to harmful levels because I’m still here writing this to you. Yes, I’m the guinea pig here. Bachelors and spinsters, I won’t advise you to use this herb at the wrong time. Of course I’m not sure what can happen but the thought of not having a certain source of sexual satisfaction while still under this herb frights me. What the herb can do is a real deal.


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